This months Producer's Letter for EverQuest II does a little bit more than just announce a upcoming nerf. That alone is enough to send the community into a frenzy but tacked on at the very end of this letter is a sad and unexpected final farewell from Producer Bruce Ferguson. As one of the developers of EQ2 in early days, he later stepped up to replace a much loved Scott Hartsman as Producer of EverQuest II.

What about the rest of the content in this game update? Well, there are a bunch of additional changes you'll be seeing, beyond the spell rename that we've been talking about on the boards for a while now; you can expect to see a brand new x2 raid, two single group instances, lots of overland solo content, player created books, a whole new and more efficient shadow system, and research assistants to help you study up for your next spell upgrade.

We're expecting to have most of this rolled out to the test server sometime during the week of May 18th, and then out to the live servers in June, around Fan Faire. We'll be sure to keep you updated if dates change.
We hope to see your feedback on all of these matters and hope that you'll join us on the Test server once we update. Until then, please give us your feedback in the Official Forums.

Finally, this will be my final Producer's letter to you all. I'm moving on within SOE to another position, but wanted to thank each of you for your continued comments, concerns, and discussion. Between the team and the players, it's been a most enjoyable experience for me again, and I will certainly miss you all - without being too far away. Fortunately, I'm leaving you in good hands, and I think the future of EverQuest II will continue to shine.

The fans will surely miss Bruce, but thankfully he's staying with SOE and we'll all likely see him again soon on another project. You may read the rest of the Producer's Letter outlining the upcoming changes on EQ2 Players!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016