Scheduled for Module 3

Turbine has been looking at changing the way combat works in Dungeons
& Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) for a long time. With the
introduction of Module 3 it looks like their changes will finally be
implemented. Some of the things that will change are:

A new reloading
mechanic: reloading can no longer be interrupted by movement or
shooting too early.

The first problem we identified was that there was no visual or
auditory feedback of when you could shoot again and if you attempted to
shoot too early you would interrupt your reload. We found this to be
inconsistent with the rest of our game which is movement-friendly and

As of Module 3 your shots will have a cool-down timer and the reload
animation will synchronize with this timer. This change should make
ranged combat more fun and reduce frustrations in reloading.

In many senses this change could overpower ranged combat which is why
we are also changing Shot on the Run.

Shot on the Run: firing while moving will incur a penalty of -4
unless you have shot on the run.

Now that shot on the run is no longer equated to “Reload on the Run”
due to the aforementioned change, we have brought a different meaning
to shot on the run to be more consistent with melee combat’s movement
rules. A movement penalty of -4 will applied to ranged attacks
performed while moving unless the player has Shot on the Run.

Here at Ten Ton Hammer we have already said in our feature href="">DDO
Top 10: Things Turbine Should Fix that ranged combat was due for a
fix. Glad to know they listened!  Read the rest of the proposed
changes to ranged combat [ href="">HERE].

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016