Ever get that not so fresh feeling?

If your World of Warcraft character has a case of the green cloud disease, yet hasn't been eating too much Stormwind Brie, then you may be coming down with Zombie-itis. It is definitely contagious and it is making it's rounds. According to 1Up.com, players are responding with mixed reactions:

"The consensus appears to be that while some of the players are just as enthused as we are about the increase in brain consumption in their MMO of choice, just as many feel that the zombie outbreak event is actually getting in the way of the game they're paying to play."

Could this be a precursor to bigger and crazier things?

"Blizzard developers have previously hinted that they'd love to introduce sweeping changes to the world environment -- such as the outright destruction of capital city Stormwind -- but the guaranteed backlash from players proved too much of a deterrent. Although this event is a baby-step in that direction, the reaction from subscribers has already been so volatile that it begs the question: In a genre where stagnation and repetition are a tremendous concern, how do you please a fan base that's totally averse to change?"

People tend to be resistant to change so I can't imagine the outcry/outrage if Blizzard were to do somethig so drastic. What do you think, is the zombie thing a nice change (albeit temporary)? Should Blizzard raze Stormwind someday? Let us know in our forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016