How to Solve Problems

In response to a community member's complaint about how complaints are
handled, Community Relations Manager Sporkfire had this to say:

I double checked with Customer Service today, and verified
that, in no
case, should a CS Representative direct a customer to post on the
forums with a complaint about the service that they have received. If a
CSR told you that, they were mistaken, and we will remind them of the
proper way to escalate customer concerns.

As far as appealing decisions or airing complaints, there are a few

If CS has taken action on your account, they will send an email to the
one you have associated with your account. That email will contain a
link to a form that you can write to us through with your comments and

You can also email [email protected]
if you want a direct email address to communicate with.

The best practice when using these emails is to use a civil tone, even
if you are angry or frustrated. CS reads and takes seriously every
piece of email and feedback we receive, but they will not respond to a
message that is over the top and unreasonable. Tell them you disagree
if you disagree. If you think they or anyone else at Turbine screwed
up, tell them that. But do it all without insults or disrespectful
behavior, and we'll all be happier and get things done.

Definitely some solid advice from Sporkfire!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016