Codemasters has taken a heavy handed stance with RMT companies and people who use this mode of gameplay. Real Money Trading will not be sanctioned nor tolerated in this one so if you feel the need to deal in it, I'd advise picking another game.

As you know, Ten Ton Hammer took the stance in January that we would no longer sell adspace to gold traders or any secondary market company. So, with that said, we applaud Codemasters for standing by their policy.

Greetings, Citizens of Novus.

Today, following a brief investigation which began on a tip from an anonymous Bellato from spirit server, we have suspended over 170 accounts involved in a major RMT operation.

I would like to make it clear that a number of our investigations come from the valuable contributions you the players make, who spend enough time in Novus to recognize the patterns normally associated with these groups. Your help is invaluable, and we thank you.

Please remember to report suspicious activities at:

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016