Ultima creator Richard Garriot, who still retains the rights to his alter ego Lord British, has unveiled his latest project titled New Britannia. The name of the new title may sound familiar to Ultima fans since Britannia is a fictitious land from Garriot's Ultima series. While not much was revealed about the game during Garriot's pitch at SXSW, we do know that it will be a virtual world game based around Garriot's alter ego, Lord British. This kind of sounds familiar doesn't it?

The game is scheduled to come out after the second quarter release of Ultimate Collector and will be paired with a television show hosted by Garriot. This next part will make some players cringe; it's also a social network game. But Garriot wants to stay true to the heritage of online gaming and doesn't intend to just create an ultra-light social network MMO.

The virtual world game is not just an ultra-light MMO shopped on social media. I think that would be a failure.

Source: Gamasutra

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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