Soyuz and thanks for all the fish!

The ardent space traveller, General British has returned safely to Kazakhstan. Yes, Richard Garriott has come back to Earth so he can rejoin the troops of Tabula Rasa. And for those troops that have shown great resolve and steadfastness (in keeping their accounts active anyway), the general has brought them all gifts. Described in a missive today:

As a gesture of our gratitude we have given you a model Soyuz rocket with the NCsoft logo on it to commemorate the event. To receive the rocket you must have been an active soldier during Operation Immortality which ran from July 30 to September 29.

If you qualify for this reward, you will have received it after today's maintenance, meaning that all characters currently on your account and those you will create in the future, will receive this reward in the Miscellaneous tab of their backpacks.

But this is not to say that you should be playing around with it instead of being on the battlefield! Dismissed!

Check your backpacks and enjoy your new ships, but make sure not to tarry to long, the Bane are waiting.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016