General British to determine fate of the world with Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert is being enshrined or saved (or compiled?) in Project Immortality so whatever happens from here on out doesn't matter, we can call a mulligan and bring Colbert back. Seriously though, while the contest to enter your DNA sequence to the list is over for the project, Richard Garriott will be on the Colbert Report tomorrow (September 18th) to discuss Stephen's "ultimate gift to humanity." Check local listings for air times.

Also from the Tabula Rasa news sent out today:

“Over the next two weeks, four lucky Tabula Rasa players will be selected to have their own DNA sequenced and recorded on the Tabula Rasa Immortality Drive, which will be stored on the International Space Station when Richard visits in October. But wait, there’s more—when you play the game you will receive an in-game working model of the rocket that will send Stephen’s DNA into space. Pretend you are a Soyuz control center technician and have your own liftoff!”

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016