Yet again, Richard Garriott is gearing up to talk about space, only this time it's in front of an audience that's willing to pay $65 a person to listen. Apparently the ZACH Theatre in Austin, Texas, is getting ready to host the video gaming legend on January 24. The entire presentation will feature Garriott talking, showing off the cool stuff he collected from the Russians, and a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

Richard Garriott, famed video game developer, former ZACH Board Member and Austinite, recently followed in his father Owen Garriott's footsteps into space as he boarded a Russian Soyuz spacecraft and spent 12 historic days at the International Space Station. Garriott is the first second-generation American in space, and the sixth private astronaut client of Space Adventures. You are invited to a special presentation by Garriott himself as he shares his amazing experiences in space, including artifacts and photos from his private collection, plus videos of aspects of space travel never seen before! There will be a Q&A with the audience as part of his presentation. This is a rare opportunity to hear the first-hand accounts of space travel by a masterful storyteller.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016