Rocket Man, burning out his fuse up here (not) alone.

*You, or at least your digitized DNA version of "you" may indeed be headed to space. Richard Garriott continues to bring us closer to space through games, videos, and now our own DNA. If you know the lyrics I butchered in the title above, you are either old or cool, take your pick. And if you want to stay cool (like deep space cool), check out the latest news from Tabula Rasa's press release:

Could you be the savior of humankind? NCsoft®, the world's leading publisher and developer of online computer games, has announced it will launch the "Immortality Drive" – a time capsule with the digitized DNA of select video game players and space aficionados – into orbit when famed game designer Richard Garriott travels to the International Space Station in October 2008.

As part of NCsoft's "Operation Immortality," Richard Garriott - the man who created Tabula Rasa, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) PC game that explores the destruction of Earth – is now venturing into space to save humanity.

Players of Tabula Rasa (the "select video game players" mentioned above) have a chance to have their DNA digitally sequenced and launched with the Immortality Drive. That is definitely a new twist on marketing that I have not seen before. I have added my mementos to time capsules before, but this goes above and beyond that. All you need to have is an active account with Tabula Rasa. Get more information and details from the Press Release.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016