RIFT's 1.4: Legacy of the Fallen has arrived, bringing with it loads of new content and game changes. Most notably on the list is the new 10-man raid instance, Drowned Halls, a new cross-shard addition to the LFG tool, new PvP Rifts and an alternate mode to the Whitefall Steppes warfront. The new update mixes things up a bit on the PvP front and should make those long dungeon queues just a bit shorter.

There are a few other small but welcome additions in the update as well. Guilds can now reset their guild perk points and zone event colossi now scale their hitpoints according to how many people are within a zone. This should make life a little easier for low population zones struggling to fight off a zone invasion event.

Given that the Ancient Wardstone mechanic that was introduced shortly after launch to encourage more open world PvP didn't do its job, the mechanic has been removed entirely. In it's place are new PvP Rifts, which will flag any player that crosses their threshold. So be careful about those rifts that you run up on. You may get a nasty surprise.

There's also a ton of fixes, new Soul and crafting changes and they even finally added the ability to change the color of player and NPC nameplates.
For a full list of the latest RIFT changes, head over and check out the 1.4 patch notes.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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