Trion Worlds has set a new standard for the rate at which an MMORPG can get new content with RIFT. Since its March launch, Trion Worlds has deployed four major updates with a fifth set to deploy during today’s downtime with 1.5: Ashes of History. Today’s update may very well be the most ambitious yet.

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style="font-style: italic;">RIFT's 1.5 update offers new solo and small group content, add-ons and a new advancement system.

1.5 is loaded with new content of various flavors. One of the biggest features in the update is the new Planar Attunement system, which is in a way similar (but different) to traditional Alternate Advancement skill systems and will allow continued progression beyond level 50. Experience earned can be applied to the Planar Attunement system to earn new skills from one of the six planar trees. You can earn some of that XP in the new PvP warfront, Library of the Runemasters.

But there’s much more than a new system to play around with. Players will also have new instances dubbed as “Chronicles”, which are small group or solo story-driven adventures that will take players to areas they might not otherwise see such as the Greenscale Blight raid zone. Grouping enthusiasts will also have the new Darkening Deeps Master Dungeon mode, which provides a much tougher challenge for full groups and a chance at some epic rewards.

1.5 also adds two other new items that might interest players. A new World Event begins with the update and tasks players with repairing Travel Stones and stopping dragon cults before Telara is overwhelmed by new rifts spawned from the Fire and Earth planes. Lastly, the add-ons will arrive in beta form. Players that have been waiting for the addition of add-ons can now customize and build their own or download some made by others.

Patch notes for the 1.5 update are now available along with a new trailer after the break.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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