New Site Features

Here's the news straight from Xavier Antoviaque:

We have just updated with a few additional fixes, improved the comments presentation and added a draft portlet.

* New:
o Official comments (from Nevrax or CS staff) are now displayed differently than the others, to let you find them more quickly;
o The poster full name (configured in the personal preferences) is now displayed instead of the login name in the comments;
o A new portlet now appears on the right column when you are logged, containing all the draft documents you have created on the website.

* Bugfixes:
o Added missing translations;
o Fixed an issue with the news RSS feed - sometimes, it wasn't displaying the correct language;
o The news email alerts were not sent, this should now be fixed;
o Confirmation emails sent when registering to the newsletter or to the email alert are now sent in the right language - previously, they were all sent in English;
o Fixed a security issue with unpublished news - if somebody happened to know the right URL, he was able to see the news before the publication time;
o Fixed a few W3C validation errors in the XHTML code.

Head over and check out the changes!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016