You know how we feel about Seed since we gave them our Most Original MMOG award. Now, find out what Stratics thinks of this innovative game.

Most other MMORPG’s will fit the bill for persistent world, up until the final sentence. Seed is all about the players changing the influence and the world itself, it’s the players that have control over what happens next. This is what blew me away about the game and garnered my interest into the title.

So let me start with a bit of background information on what Seed is about. You start out in a colony called Da Vinci, you were on a mission to terra-form a planet, however, something goes terribly wrong within the machine. Your mission is to pretty much survive as a colony and work together and come up with a plan and direction. That plan and direction is entirely up for the players to decide.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016