SOE's Fan Faire kicked off its first day of events tonight and Ten Ton Hammer's Benjamin J. de la Durantaye is on the scene and has just sent us a juicy new update from the event, which included a key note address from SOE CEO John Smedley loaded with juicy new information about future services and content for SOE games and a reveal for the upcoming Planetside 2.

John Smedley opened by offering an apology to players for the April hacker attacks that led to the compromised user details of millions of players. Smedley vowed that new levels of SOE security are on the way, beginning with the availability of a new authenticator on July 8th, 2011. The authenticator will also soon be available for iPhone and Android devices.

EverQuest fans will have the chance to enjoy a new expansion later this year with Veil of Alaris. The new expansion will add 12 new zones and finally reveal who orchestrated the demise of the god of fear, Cazic Thule. The expansion will also boost the level cap to 95 and add new guild halls and a new hotbar. Veil of Alaris is tentatively scheduled to launch this November.

Not to be left out, EverQuest II also announced its next expansion with Age of Discovery. The new expansion adds new NPC mercenaries for players to hire, apprentice tradeskilling, player-created dungeons and the addition of the Beastlord class. Age of Discovery is also scheduled to launch in November of this year.

Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures will also make its way to McDonald's later this year as part of a Happy Meal deal.

The other big dog in the room included new Plantside 2 reveals, which we've already included here. But we've also learned that Planetside 2 and EverQuest Next will utilize a new game engine from SOE called Forgelight. The new engine has been crafted by SOE with support from Nvidia for its PhysX engine.

Stay tuned as our event coverage continues for more details.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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