DC Universe Online players on Playstation 3 will find new payment options for the superhero-based MMOG today. According to a recent update to the DC Universe Online Facebook page, new options for the upcoming free-to-play conversion have been added to the Playstation 3 Store.

As of today, you may notice on the PlayStation3™ Store a new naming convention for the DCUO monthly subscription packs: “Legendary”.  Legendary level access is the name of our premium membership for when we transition to the Free-To-Play model.  As part of preparing for that transition, we have updated the names of the membership packs today on the PSN. As of today, if you are purchasing a membership or renewing one, there is no change at all to what the service provides – access to the game for the period specified. Once we transition the service to Free-To-Play, new features will be applied to Legendary level access (as well as premium and free). For more details about the access level breakdown, visit: dcuniverseonline.com/free

For more details about the different payment options, check out the DC Universe Online payment options page.

While many players are anxiously waiting for the free-to-play launch, Executive Producer Lorin "DeadMeat" Jameson posted an update to the DC Universe Online Facebook page to clarify free-to-play launch date rumors.

I know there have been a lot of rumors and questions (and unfortunate incorrect statements) about when we will be launching our new Free-to-Play model and I did want to clear things up.  We have not actually stated an official date yet but we are working hard and making great progress and we are close.  We do want to make sure that everything is ready before we announce a date but we will try and give you plenty of advance notice when it will happen.

The maintenance and patch happening today on the PC Servers and soon on the PS3 ones are one of the final steps in getting ready.  We are very excited about this launch and want to ensure that it is as smooth as possible.  In Developer terms we are working towards a State (everything ready) not a Date.  I know everyone wants to know when and we appreciate your patience on this.

- Deadmeat

New Naming Convention for the DCUO Monthly Subscription Packs on PS3
A Note from Deadmeat on Free to Play

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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