Whether you like it, love it, or hate it, Star Trek Online has had everyone talking and now it's your turn. The Cryptic team has put together a quick survey to let them know what their players (translated as "paying customers") really want to see in the game's future. This is your chance to tell them what you really like about the game, what you think isn't so hot, and what you'd love to see added.

As a bonus, a little Tribble may have also let me know you'll earn some Cryptic Store points for you time. How much you may ask? Enough to purchase that Federation Klingon you've been drooling over for the last month.

We've put together a special Star Trek Online subscriber survey to learn how we can better tailor the game to your needs. If you visit our special survey page, you’ll find a few questions for you to answer.

Go take the survey here!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016