It’s been a busy month at the Star Trek Online section of Cryptic Studios. Following the announcement that the game would be going free-to-play back in August, the studio has also undergone a transition in the executive producer department following the departure announcement of Dan Stahl. But the new Executive Producer Stephen D'Angelo isn’t wasting any time getting the house in order for the upcoming Star Trek Online free-to-play launch.

In a new developer blog, D'Angelo laid out a clear path for some of the planned changes for Star Trek Online’s march to the free-to-play market. Fans may have noticed the disappearance of the Tribble test shard last week and the emergence of a new test shard called RedShirt. This is part of Cryptic’s free-to-play plans as D'Angelo explained, "The reason for the change is that we are going to be using Tribble for giving our current subscribers early access to all the exciting changes coming in our free-to-play re-launch of the game

Tribble will make its return today, allowing subscribers who choose to sign up a chance to sample the new Star Trek Online free-to-play content early, but there will be a few early restrictions. For now, the devs aren’t allowing the transfer of characters. This is to allow them to gather feedback from players on the new Star Trek Online free-to-play experience in the early game and the updated tutorial. The devs do plan to open up character transfers within the next two to three weeks, but until then, you’ll have to sample start your Star Trek Online adventure anew.

Additional details will be added over time to the Star Trek Online Path to Free-to-Play page, so be sure to check back regularly.

Source: Star Trek Online Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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