Star Trek Online (STO) fans will find new content and combat changes today with the launch of Season 4: Crossfire. The latest update to STO adds new combat enhancements and a new Borg threat as the race of cybernetic assimilators ramp up for their impending invasion.

The update also opens a new communication option for fleets and the community with the addition of Vivox Voice Chat. Now you can communicate and coordinate your efforts more effectively.

The launch of Season 4 is not the end of the Season 4 content. Cryptic also outlined more plans for additional Season 4 content over the summer that includes new Feature Episodes, Borg Deepspace Incursions, Active Duty Rosters and much more. Additional details are available in the Season 4 announcement.


STO Season 4 Announcement

STO Vivox Voice Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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