Another day brings another Tribble update and Star Trek Online Executive Producer Stephen D'Angelo has posted a new Path to F2P dev blog detailing the latest changes to crafting.

Currently on Holodeck server, players are limited in what they can craft, but the new Tribble includes the first complete pass of crafting changes, which comes with more recipes. Crafting will remain a viable option for getting gear in Star Trek Online and the new changes will make Dilithium-based gear some of the best.

The standard gear that can be crafted using a Dilithium contribution is generally identical to the gear found in stores for sale using only Dilithium, but the Dilithium cost when crafting is much lower. Thus, players that put the time into collecting samples and improving their crafting skill can get the same gear at a substantially lower cost. The discount varies with the quality of the gear, but it is meaningful. The introduction of Dilithium as a cost on these schematics reduces the ability to mass produce high-end gear, which is being done intentionally to increase the difficulty of acquiring such gear.

In some cases certain gear such as the Aegis set will only be obtainable through crafting, adding an additional benefit to learning the trade.

How do you feel about the new crafting changes? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Star Trek online Path to F2P Dev Blog #14 - Crafting

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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