The klingons will hit Star Trek Online’s Tribble server today with a new way of playing the galaxy’s famed warrior race according to the latest Path to F2P dev blog. Players that have a Federation character of at least level 3 or higher will be able to create a new klingon officer on Tribble following today’s update.

Klingons will now begin at level 17 at the rank of Lt. Commander 7. This change is based on feedback from players, who felt that leveling up a klingon was not as beneficial as leveling as a Federation player due to the lack of PvE content and rewards.

As with Federation characters, klingon story episodes are now threaded to easily indicate where players should go next. As with previous testing endeavors, players can earn rewards for their characters on holodeck based on what you accomplish ranging from extra ship slots to large chunks of Dilithium.

If you get a Klingon Defense Force character from start (at level 17) to level 31, we'll give you a reasonably large chunk of dilithium (exactly how much depends a bit on how the economy tunes up in testing, but this will be a meaningful award.) If you get a character to level 51, we'll give you a bonus ship slot and a unique title that is different from the Federation's award title. This award applies only to KDF characters that start fresh on Tribble.

Source: Star Trek Online Path to F2P Dev Blog #6

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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