Star Trek Online answers tough questions like is "Space Big?"

Seriously though, can you imagine being the person in charge of adapting the decades of Star Trek lore into a rich enveloping MMO? If that were my job I would use the best people repellent on the market (I think it's called Axe?). Well somebody has to do it, and Cryptic is not being shy about their plans with the lore.

Some of the questions answered in this week's Ask Cryptic are pretty good (such as "current Star Trek games not having ships that scale appropriately, how will that be handled?") but some others are typically cooky "Will space feel vast in STO?" My favorite though is:

"How will you balance the (very high) ideals of Star Trek with most people's need to "pew pew" the first person they see?"

I resemble that remark, and if you were flagged for PvP I'd pew pew you until you was dead. I know Cryptic has to answer the questions, but the game isn't coming out for quite some time (less than three years hopefully) can you imagine how many times they will answer this in different ways over the next few years?

The bigger question for me is whether or not the answers of lore matter. The developers are not going to make everyone happy with their lore answers, but in the MMO space of "clicky-clicky through quest dialogue so we can go pew pew" does it matter? My guess is that for any other game it wouldn't matter (I'm kind of looking at you Warhammer Online). Warhammer has a long and storied lore set, but my guess is the lore spoilers won't get too crazy like they might with STO. Is STO the one true IP that can't be messed with? Let's discuss in our forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016