Star Trek Online kicks off its newest Feature Episode content, The 2800, this Saturday, but starting tomorrow, players will have a chance to loot new Cardassian Lock Boxes in the game that have a chance to yield a number of random rewards when opened.

The Cardassian Lock Box has a chance to produce a number of different random items, but some of the best stuff includes a new Cardassian Galor class cruiser starship, a cross-faction console, a Duty Officer Pack and a lot more. All items from Star Trek Online’s Cardassian Lock Box as well as the boxes themselves can be traded or sold to other players. Additionally, gold boxes that drop will yield a higher chance of better rewards.

Unfortunately, in order to open the new lock boxes you’ll need a Master Key, which is only available in the C-Store for 100 Cryptic Points or via a 10-pack for 900 Cryptic Points. More details about the Cardassian Lock Boxes will be available with a FAQ this Thursday.

Source: Star Trek Online Season 5 Dev Diary #19 – Cardassian Lock Box

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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