I know it's been a while since GDC but it's better late than never aye? I had a chance to sit with Daron Stinnett as well as Glen Dahlgren at the conference. We had a good talk about Perpetual's upcoming Star Trek Online. All of you trekkies out there rejoice! We're going to get a game done right!

They wouldn’t give up the central conflict of the game. No amount of begging and pleading on my part would reveal that secret. However, they had plenty of other goodies to give me. As you may already know, STO will be taking place after The Next Generation. The licensing deal with CBS (who now owns the Star Trek License) spans the entire Star Trek Library. They have the ability to use material from a broad range of sources extending from Star Trek (the series) to Deep Space 9 to Voyager. They’ve even gone as far as giving Perpetual scripts, footage, and production notes to enable them to create a solid Intellectual Property (or "IP" - an industry buzzword for the rights to the entire body of work, including patents and business methods, surrounding an idea that has commercial value, e.g. a game, motion picture, television series, etc.). While they haven’t been in touch with writers yet, they have been able to work with production designers for the shows. These meetings should allow the Perpetual team to integrate some really great content into the game.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016