Star Trek Online players are still plowing through the newly launched Season 6: Under Siege content, and according to Executive Producer Dan Stahl, Season 7 will be making its way to players before the end of the year. In his latest State of the Game address, Stahl took some time to talk about the latest content in Season 6, new Foundry features, additional game improvements and what’s on the way with Season 7 later this year.

As far as the team goes, we are steadily switching gears from wrapping up Season 6 to beginning development on Season 7. Scheduled to be released towards the end of this year, our next big update will introduce a new Sector along with the continuation of one of our primary storylines.

Stahl also encouraged players that have yet to try out Star Trek Online to do so, explaining the improvements that have been made to accommodate new players for a better experience.

Someone recently asked me if Season 6 was a good time to start playing the game, to which I enthusiastically replied, “it is absolutely a GREAT time to start playing STO.” One of the big changes made when moving the game to free-to-play was to streamline the episode structure – this made it more accessible for players to play the core Story content without needing to do much else in order to enjoy the game all the way to max levels.

You can read Stahl's full State of the Game update for more. Sign up to play for free on the Star Trek Online website.

Source: Star Trek Online July State of the Game

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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