It was likely a busy week for the kids over at BioWare with the European gaming convention, gamescon, going on and while you wait to see what our Ten Ton Hammer boys brought back with them in the way of news and interviews, Star Wars: The Old Republic's fan Friday has a a couple of updates to tide you over.

The holonet has been updated to show off a couple of Starships! Check out the Imperial Fury and the Corellian Defender. Get basic info and plenty of screenshots that highlight some of the coolest features of these player ships.

BioWare has released the advanced class info for all of the SWTOR player classes! Look over your favorite classes to see what they will have to offer and start planning your first SWTOR character. Are the advanced classes what you were hoping for? Click the "Post your comments" link below and let us know if BioWare has hit the mark on class variety.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016