The team at Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa keep the updates coming with the latest Patch to Live Servers today. Among numerous bug fixes and mission updates comes the following goodies.

-Added a new “flashpoint” mission on Incline called “Predator Hunt.”
-Flashpoints are dynamic missions that are offered to all players in a certain areas when specific conditions are met. They are repeatable and offer class-specific rewards for completion. Predator Hunt is the first of these types of missions to come online.
-Kael now possess the ability to generate a focused shockwave attack. This new ability has a chance to stun the Kael's prey, making them vulnerable to the Kael's more dangerous melee attacks.
-Powerful Kael can now leap long distances in pursuit of their target. They do not utilize this at close range, but will do so to prevent their enemies from escaping.
-Players now earn 50% more experience for killing creatures inside of operations.

...And much, much more. See the full patch notes on the main site, then discuss the news in the Tabula Rasa Community Forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016