Botting and gold selling is a major problem and annoyance for many MMORPGs, but En Masse Entertainment is looking to take strong measures to curb this in TERA. In a press release earlier today, Crisp Thinking announced that it will be implementing its Crisp Technology Community Management platform in TERA.

In short, Big Brother is watching, but in more descriptive terms, Crisp will monitor threats within the game to help tackle things like botting, gold farming, griefing and power leveling by monitoring irregular behavior, patterns with online chat and social graph activity and deals with low-level behavior threats in real time. The system will automate much of the monitoring to free up in-game support staff to help players with other important issues.

The real question now is - can the platform do its job or will gold sellers find a way to circumvent the system as they often do with other attempts to prevent them from annoying the population? Tell us what you think below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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