TERA is just a few short days away from its official May 1st launch with head start set to kick off this Saturday. It’s been a long road to the NA launch of TERA. En Masse Entertainment has been tweaking the game for western audiences and fending off allegations and rumors. But all of that hard work is about to pay off as the action MMORPG makes its way to launch.

TERA’s Executive Producer Brian Knox recently took some time to offer a few final thoughts about some of his experiences with the community during beta and talk about the long development road. Knox also assures players that En Masse Entertainment is dedicated to making TERA a great experience and that the team, and game,  is ready for them.

With just days left before TERA’s launch, the biggest question for fans will be whether or not the game is ready. I can definitively say that TERA is ready to launch in the Western market. It isn’t perfect—no MMO is—but it’s ready for the community to shape it. MMOs take years and years to develop, but very few really establish their identity until the community takes hold of the game. The game you will see on May 1 was shaped with community feedback, through focus group tests and betas, but the true future of TERA will be determined once the game goes live.

You can read Brian Knox’s full developer blog at MMORPG.com.

Source: TERA Dev Journals: Final Thoughts Before Launch

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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