The Age of Conan Armory is now live and available for players to submit maps and armor screenshots for the masses. Head on over and start adding to the list now.

The Age of Conan Armory brings maps and screenshots to Hyboria!

The Age of Conan Armory now features a comprehensive Playfield Database, with user-editable Maps and Screenshots.

Playfield Database and Mapping Features

  • A stylish, user-friendly design, approved by Mitra.
  • Pan and zoom maps at great detail.
  • Edit maps and share the locations of your discoveries.
  • View playfield connections and levels.
  • Submit screenshots of your daring adventures throughout Hyboria.
  • Add comments to playfields, with tips for finding the greatest challenges and rewards.

Screenshot instructions

  1. Unless it relates to the subject of your screenshot, hide the user interface. To do this, press Alt-Z on your keyboard.
  2. Next, press Alt-F11 on your keyboard to take a screenshot. Your screenshot will be saved in your Age of Conan directory in the /screenshots/ sub directory.
  3. To submit your screenshots to the Armory, open your web browser and go to Enter the subject you're looking for in the search bar, "Conall's Valley" for example.
  4. Select the "Submit a Screenshot" tab, and click the "Browse..." button.
  5. Find the screenshot you want to upload, then click the "Submit Screenshot" button.
  6. Finally, enter an optional caption and click the submit button. Your screenshot will appear as soon as it is approved.
  • You can join in the official forums discussion here.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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