Last week Zenimax Online offered a peek at exploration and gathering in The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO). Like any good reveal, it left a lot of questions and this week we have a new set of answers. The devs recently sat down to field another round of community questions for TESO about the game’s crafting system and last week’s revealed exploration and gathering.

The short version, players will be able to choose two crafting professions to help foster the in-game economy and social trading, many of the crafting combinations from previous games in The Elder Scrolls series will be in the game. Collectors will be happy to know that there are over 300 books in the game as well as over 700 secondary tomes that can be found by investigating notes and searching shelves throughout the world. Add to that the Mundus Stones and single-use Skyshards throughout the world and you have something for explorer types and adventure lovers alike to seek out and enjoy.

And don't forget to bring Lockpicks for any chests you happen to find.

"Some chests do not require lockpicks, but most will; the difficultly of the locks will vary, depending on the quality of the lock itself. Lockpicks have a small chance to break each time you fail to put a pin in place, and this chance increases when you attempt to pick higher quality locks. Your lockpicking will automatically improve as you level, gradually making chests that were once very difficult to open a much easier prospect. Though your lockpicking skill will increase as you level, the chests you encounter in higher level areas will also be more difficult."

Source: TESO Ask Us Anything

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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