Dungeons are one of the many fun grouping activities in an MMOG, and Funcom has loaded up a new developer blog for The Secret World with a few tips for dungeon vets and newbies for their deep dark lairs of terror. The blog offers details on dungeon group formations, quests, loot, boss battles, Elite & Nightmare dungeon modes and the tougher challenges that await as you advance deeper into the darkness.

In addition to mastering all of the earlier tactics the team now also has to show off their full versatility. It is no longer just about damage and hit points or even tactics, it is about being able to counter cruel new attacks and strip away frightening buffs. To be able to take down the Nightmare bosses all the team members need to have a vast variety of abilities to choose from, so that they can adjust their setup according to each boss. 

Source: Dungeons in The Secret World

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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