Funcom has revealed the haunted venue of Atlantic Island Park for The Secret World. Who doesn't love a good ghosts and goblins story? While Funcom may not be showcasing the title at E3 this year, on the eve of the event, Funcom has revealed the new shadowy Atlantic Island Park, a new area for The Secret World.

In the early 1970s, ruthless industrial magnate Nathaniel Winter purchased the land around the old Henderson farm. With its picturesque location on Solomon Island, a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean, and easy access from Kingsmouth Town -- a burgeoning tourist destination -- it seemed like the perfect location for an amusement park.

 The once picturesque Henderson farm attracted the attention of industrial magnate Nathaniel Winter. But despite the warnings of some, Winter constructed the Atlantic Island Park tourist location on the haunted farm using every dirty trick in the book from bribes to threats.

After the park's opening, suicides, deaths and murders soon followed, shutting the park down for good. What caused it all? And where did Nathaniel Winter disappear to? Check out the Atlantic Island Park reveal for all the haunting details.

Source: TSW Atlantic Park Reveal

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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