If you're familiar with Star Trek Voyager you undoubtedly know who the Undine are in Star Trek Online. This dangerous alien race was first discovered by the Borg in fluidic space in the Delta Quadrant and given the designation Species 8472. The Borg were utterly decimated by Species 8472 when they attempted to assimilate them. Huge in their natural size and capable of changing form to infiltrate their enemies, these aliens have returned once again and are the subject of the newest Special Task Force Mission in Star Trek Online. The new mission will send players on a mission to foil an Undine plot to infiltrate the Federation in one of its most important locations, Deep Space Nine.

It all starts simply enough: You're tasked with investigating a strange energy signature, but things quickly take a turn for the dangerous when you uncover an Undine terradome! As you investigate its exterior, you'll happen upon a Federation ship captained by none other than Akira Sulu, Admiral Quinn's stalwart officemate back on Earth Space Dock. Something seems off about him, though ....

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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