After the article that was in the NY Times this past Saturday there was an outbreak of criticism about the apparent Raid focus of Blizzard. The forums were flooded with negative responses to the article. Tigole responded today with the following.

While I appreciate the passion with which everyone is responding to the recent article in the New York Times, I think it’s important to clarify a few things:

The author of the article specifically wanted to discuss the raid game, so that’s what we talked about. We did briefly discuss some of the upcoming casual content, such as the new armor sets. But the focus of the article was Naxxramas, so that’s what we centered our conversation around. But please bear in mind, this isn’t the only content we’re working on. We’ve been working on all sorts of things ranging from casual level 60 quest improvements and armor sets, reviving Outdoor PvP, epic 10 man dungeons for the expansion, and various other improvements to the game.

You can read his whole response here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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