According to a recent article by the Houston Business Journal, the developers at TimeGate Studios have decided to go for all the marbles, toss the dice, and jump into the massively mulitplayer online gaming melee. You read that right folks, the developers that brought us award-winning titles like Kohan and Kohan II are now priming to release an MMO! I'd almost bet that the game will be based on the Kohan universe.

TimeGate is not disclosing the theme of the game, which will compete with a lot of other MMO products that already have huge followings.

But Chaveleh is confident.

“Like every other project TimeGate has created and released in a crowded space, our MMO will definitely stand out as unique and a breath of fresh air for gamers of the genre,” he says.

Let's hope the game lives up to expectations! I'd love to see a Kohan MMO, simply to see more detail on the epic fantasy world of Khaldun and the Kohan!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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