House of Commons Transcript Released

Stratics has posted their transcripts from the first ever Toontown House of Commons chat.

Preston - *Trish* A few weeks ago, there was a massive amount of accounts put on administrative hold for alleged macro usage, and many of us claim to have never used a macro. Some toons called customer service and were told this was due to a bug in the system. Two questions: What caused this to happen, and are the flags that would've been placed upon these accounts now removed?

TT_Greg - Like most MMOs, we take cheats and exploits very seriously.
TT_Greg - The action we took a few weeks back was intentional and not a bug.
TT_Greg - Unfortunately, sometimes there will be false positives when we do a sweeping action like this.
TT_Greg - If you feel you have been wrongly accused, please contact Customer Service and we will make evry attempt to make it up to you.
TT_Greg - But the bottom line is: when the devs are looking into cheaters, we aren't spending time adding features to the game!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016