Is that the A list or the Shizz list?

Tis the season for year-end reviews and lists detailing everything that was great and less than great for 2008. For example, the economy is on a list that includes the words "toilet" and "swirling." Time Magazine is big on lists. They have a list that lists out all fifty of the lists in their Top Ten Things for 2008. One of those top ten lists is for the top ten video games. You know what is missing from that list? Wrath of the Lich King gets no love for selling the most PC boxes in a day. Apparently, that is a shortfall compared to the number of console titles that populate the list such as Grand Theft Auto, and a bunch of other games that people played for a week or two. Message to Time Magazine, "You might want to mix in some knowledge with your game review section."

The other Top Ten List that came out is the Most Pirated Games of 2008 compiled by TorrentFreak. Not-so-shockingly, it shows a lot of the same games as the ones listed above by Time Magazine. The similarity is that no MMOs are listed. You know why? Games that require you to log in are supposed to be copied. Embrace the copies, just log in with a valid account.

If you want to review more lists, here is my Christmas list:

1. A centralized subscription for my favorite games, I'm going broke $15 at a time.

2. A level 80 purple item.

3. A Sci-fi MMO that keeps my attention, and doesn't get shut down.

4. Another Blizzcon, but this time with more Blizz and less Con, I feel like I got bamboozled this year with the lack of WoW information.

That ought to keep you all busy enough, now I'll just sit and watch the pile of presents under my tree grow! Enough about me, what is on your holiday list? Stop by and share.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016