This weeks “Topic of the Week” is a little different than past topics, since it really was started already, last week by Maegwynn. That thread was started by the comment from a comment in an article that states:
Blizz expects that WoW is going to have a nice, long life cycle. By long, we mean 10 years or more. At first, this struck us as a bit odd, but remember: Starcraft I is 10 years old and is selling well. And UO is now 10 years old, and that MMO is going strong.

With games it is so hard to guess what's going to happen. To me WoW has already had a great run, can it stick it out for 10 years more? I'm going to complicate my answer a bit and give a conditional answer.

I believe World of Warcraft could survive 10 years given the following conditions are met...

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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