Biggest thing going that I've never heard developing big MMO.

Trion World Network is not a household name, but that may change. Trion, the Redwood City, California, company, has just raised another $70 million dollars which brings the total invested funds to over $100 million. That my friends is a lot of money. The company lists its major investors as NBC Universal, Time Warner, Hewlett Packard, Bertelsman, and other monster media companies. From their website:

"Welcome to Trion World Network, the publisher and developer of games and original entertainment for a connected world. We’ve assembled many of the most respected names in the industry—with the backing of the world’s biggest media companies and top venture capitalists—to fulfill the incredible potential that global broadband has created for games. With our innovative technology, we’re combining the best of online, gaming and traditional media to revolutionize the way connected games are designed, developed, and delivered. "

If rounded numbers from somewhat informed sources place the number of $50 million dollars for the creation of Warhammer Online, then you can judge for yourself the kind of product the crew of Trion is putting together. Trion has announced nothing in regards to the game(s) they are creating, but they did reveal back in June that the game will launch in conjunction with an as yet unnamed Sci-Fi Channel TV Show. Read more about today's information at Venture Bear, and more about the company at the Trion World Nework website.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016