The SyFy Channel (formerly known as the Sci Fi Channel) is working on development of its own MMORPGs with Trion World Networks. Trion is currently has postings on their main site looking to hire a "PS3 Senior Programmer," "PS3 Senior Graphics Programmer," and a "PS3 Interface Designer" One interesting aspect, if they can pull it off, is the plan to impliment an MMOG in coordination with a television series where in-game events will impact the shows storyline.

"A television show that is on once a week isn't enough. The fans today want the experience to go beyond that," said then-Sci Fi president Dave Howe in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. "For example, we can tell them that there will be an alien invasion at a certain place in the game, at a certain time, and to be there with all their friends and be ready. The outcome depends on them. And then that battle will be part of the universe in the show."

If SyFy and Trion can pull this off it could take interactive and immersive entertainment to a new level.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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