Nobody has ever accused Activision/Blizzard of being short of cash and the latest figures from The Wall Street Journal seem to indicate that the developer is putting a lot of faith in a big return from their upcoming RTS sequel, StarCraft II. According to The Wall Street Journal, the development of the long awaited sequel to the popular StarCraft IP has already cost the developer over $100 million. Though not stated by the journal, it's likely that this total includes certain expenditures for the upgraded 2.0 system. But Activision Chief Executive Bobby Kotick is confident that there will be no shortage of people wanting to play StarCraft.

"There is no shortage of consumers for StarCraft," Kotick said. "For a game that is more than ten years old, there's millions of people still playing it." StarCraft launched in 1998, and along with its Brood War expansion has sold more than 11 million units worldwide on PC.

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Update: The Wall Street Journal has issued a correction on their previous StarCraft II article as the development costs associated with StarCraft II have yet to be released. The initial numbers released by The Wall Street Journal instead referred to World of Warcraft.

Activision Blizzard Inc. hasn't disclosed development costs for its "Starcraft II" videogame. A July 16 Technology article about the "Starcraft" sequel incorrectly said the company spent more than $100 million to develop the game; that figure referred to its "World of Warcraft" game.

Thanks to Sylvinstar for the update catch.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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