This on the official site today.

Vanguard was recently featured on the cover of Computer Games Magazine and in that issue we included codes that will allow for closed beta access to the game. We add new beta testers in regular batches however we have not yet added any CGM codes. Because of the publisher change for Vanguard, we are discussing where the beta will now be hosted before we add any new people into the process. Just as soon as we have a solid date for a beta hosting change, we will announce it here. A reminder, however: the CGM codes will not all be activated at once. We will add people in batches and you must register the code you received in your magazine. Please follow the instructions here to register your code with us and we look forward to seeing you all in game just as soon as we can!

If you do not have a CGM code and you have registered on our forums hoping to be chosen for beta selection, you will still be considered for beta. We greatly appreciate everyone who is interested in helping us test our game and we’ll continue to add batches of testers in. Those who are selected will receive further instructions via email. However, just as with the CGM codes, we are not currently adding any beta testers from our forum registrations until we get more details about switching over to our new co-publisher.

We hope you will all remain patient with us while we get some of these new details hammered out. We very much appreciate that so many of you want to help us make Vanguard a great success!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016