Happy Birthday to Vanguard! Congrats to the dev team and the fans on another year in the land of Telon. In celebration of this milestone, the VG community team is having a little event that players will surely want to get in on!

The Vanguard team wishes to thank you for another wonderful year in Telon. Please be sure to visit the beautiful city of Ahgram where the Gnomes of Kamelott have set up a festival to honor the second year of Vanguard. A Giftomatic 5000 has been placed in the outskirts of Ahgram’s main city on the east side to provide the people of Telon with cake and fireworks to help us in celebrating Vanguard’s second birthday.

Please join members of the Community Team at the following times on Wednesday February 4th and Friday February 6th:

* Halgar – 1PM
* Xeth – 2PM
* Sartok – 3PM
* Seradon – 4PM

We hope to see you all there and be sure to tell your friends!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016