Vanguard Patch Notes - 03/18/08


- Fixed an issue with raid buffs being stripped when they should not be.


- Druid - Fix for an issue where druids could summon infinite pets.


- Fixed diplomacy refresh timers, which were becoming bugged under certain circumstances.


- Made it so that you can attempt to use reactions even if the game thinks the target is out of range due to latency. These attempts will cancel any other active chains/counters.

- Fixed a bug that was causing rescues to become unavailable (“Sorry it appears that reaction has timed out”) after your defensive target died.

- Fixed a bug where some non-rescue abilities were being treated as rescues when certain other abilities were used, such as the monk ability “Errant Strikes.”

- Lowered the volume on the RockGolem walk sound, and attached it to the footsteps volume slider as well.

- Increased the default turn rate and mouse look rate. Settings slider still modifies this as per normal.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016