Gamespot and Gamespy Weigh In With Their Reports

After what reportedly was a fun filled weekend with the folks at Sigil and SoE, we have two more event reports for you to catch up on.

Gamespot weighs in first saying...

After a couple of years of being dominated by Blizzard's World of Warcraft, could the massively multiplayer role-playing genre be in for a shakeup? That's the aim of Sony Online Entertainment and Sigil Games with Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, a fantasy-themed RPG where you can live and adventure in an online world populated with elves, humans, dragons, and some unique new races. Vanguard has had an interesting development history, as it was originally going to be published by Microsoft, but then SOE picked it up after Microsoft and Sigil parted ways.

Next Gamespy tells us...

Wild speculation has swirled around Vanguard: Saga of Heroes almost from the moment it was announced. The game is the brainchild of Brad McQuaid and a handful of original EverQuest developers who founded Sigil Games to work on what McQuaid calls a "real MMO experience." That unapologetic, old-school MMO attitude and the limited information that's been released have raised a lot of questions.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016