The World of Telon is Coming to Life!

According to the Vanguard main site, the folks at Sigil have scheduled the first major update for their MMO title to occur on Tuesday, March 6th. Refinements and additional content is on the way including six new NPCs to battle and two new adventuring areas! We've also been granted a number of screenshots from this update, which can be viewed here.

In celebration of the update, Sigil is also planning a Double XP weekend from Saturday, March 3rd, 5:00am PST (Friday, March 2nd, 8:00pm PST for Europeans) until Monday, March 5th, 5:00am PST (Sunday, March 4th, 8:00pm PST for Europeans).

A Founder's reward, in the form of an in-game title, will also be granted to players who have purchased a copy of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes between launch (January 30, 2007) and March 31, 2007, and successfully registered an account. This title can be applied to each character created on a qualifying account now or in the future.

To read the whole update click here and the screenshots can be seen here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016