Disney should make it a smaller world after all.

Can you imagine a Warhammer Online ride at Disney? According to Barron's/The Wall Street Journal, it is a long shot. As Electronic Arts (EA) swung and missed badly at their earnings report last week their market value dropped by 18%, making them a more attractive take-over candidate according to the Wall Street Journal. That assumes someone out there has some money, and low and behold, Disney is the party the WSJ taps as the top candidate. It's a theory, but stranger things have happened.

In a weird sort of menage-a-trois, the over-cooked sports title Madden Football is produced by EA; and John Madden works for NBC which now hosts Sunday Night Football after they lost out to Disney owned ESPN for Monday Night Football. Maybe John Madden could be the emcee on the new WAR ride at Disney.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016