Market watcher expects good things in September, but not Halo-great.

Colin Sebastion, the SVP of Lazard Capital Markets predicts that Spore will score two million sales and WAR will almost double the box sales of Age of Conan with 650,000 sign ups (ok, really more like 1.5 times plus or minus). In a traditionally slow time of the year, August and September is the tweener time when most publishers have shipped their summer titles and start stockpiling for the holidays. Sebastian says that while sales are "generally positive" year-on-year for the month, the numbers won't match last year when Halo 3 launched.

If the Games Industry article doesn't provide enough numbers to prove that market makers are still bullish on the online gaming space, make sure you look at the sagging hardware numbers for confirmation. Gaming sales up, gaming gear sales down. Of course this is one man's opinion from Lazard Capital Markets and I haven't researched to find out if they are long or short on EA stock so take all of this as fun water cooler fodder.

Speaking of Halo, one of the time tested ways to cause great carnage in Halo is jumping. Today's WAR Editorial Killing the Bunny takes on Halo-style jumping in the world of WAR. Maybe WAR won't beat Halo's sales numbers, but I bet someone makes a macro that helps stamp out bunny hopping!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016