We all know it's bound to happen this soon after launching Warhammer Online. Day two of the official start of Mythic Entertainment's masterpiece will see a large chunk of downtime. There's plenty of time to shower and feed your pets, while waiting for the patching to finish.

All servers will be coming down tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM EDT for some updates and fixes. As always, our goal is for a smooth, fun game experience and these updates will definitely help us work toward the best experience possible for everyone! We expect to be back online by 1:30 PM EDT and will keep you posted here on the Herald throughout the morning. Thanks for your support!

The downtime is a good thing, though, as it gives everyone time to head to the stores to pick up the retail copy of Warhammer Online. If you haven't input your CD key already, you won't be able to log in, as of this morning.

We know that you are glued to your keyboard, with your IV of [insert fizzy beverage here] flowing happily as you hack, slash, and blast your way through the first tiers of WAR. This announcement is to let everyone know that if you haven’t yet entered your CD key into the account center, you must do so by tomorrow (Friday) morning at 7:00 AM. If you do not enter your information into the Account Center by the deadline your characters will not be affected, you will just be unable to login until your product key is entered.
If you pre-ordered online and have not yet received confirmation that your order has shipped we encourage you to contact your retailers customer support to ensure you receive your game on-time.

EA Store customers will be contacted with instructions on how they may continue playing while they wait for their box to arrive.

Catch you this afternoon, when the Waaagh! returns.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016